Nickels for Neighbors

ACC congregations are encouraged to collect coins in their Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, or services, primarily as a way to encourage giving among our children. These donations will be collected at ACC’s Annual Assembly on October 28 at Conestoga Mennonite Church.

The 2017 ACC Nickels For Neighbors grant will be given to the New Holland Early Learning Center for a new fence and playground equipment for their smallest children. These toddlers to 2-year-old children enjoy playing outdoors, however, it isn’t always safe for them to be in the same area as the 3-5 year old children, since the little ones “toddle” around and are easily knocked over by the
older children playing. The total cost of the project is $10,000: fence: $6,200; equipment $3,800.

The New Holland Early Learning Center was founded in 1981 as a ministry of the New Holl
and Mennonite Church to families in our community as a drop-in day care. Today, the Center provides care, a nurturing environment, and a Christian education for 93 children from six weeks to sixth grade. We have a preschool for children ages 3-5 and also provide kindergarten and school-age programs. Our team of 25 persons is highly dedicated to providing a nurturing, Christ-centered environment that meaningfully impacts the children’s intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual growth.

We value play: play is the way that children learn to interact with other children, they learn to recognize letters, numbers and colors and as they grow older they develop emotional and social skills such as cooperation, problem solving, and team work.

The Center celebrates and welcomes families from all ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, and social and economic backgrounds, as well as children with special needs.

Many of our students come from single parent households, 45 percent of our families fall belon4n smw the poverty level. The Center has become known for our work with children that have behavioral and mental health issues. Currently we have 14 children that are receiving help from behavioral health organizations. This year we are implementing a Spanish language curriculum. We are blessed to have 8 staff members who are fluent in Spanish.

Help us to help to keep our littlest children safe and happy while they play outside.

Wanda Coleman, director, or one of the board members are available to visit your congregation for a Moment in Mission about the work of the Early Learning Center. Contact Wanda at 717-354-4440 or to schedule a visit.


  1. N4N 2017 Can or Bucket Label: print, cut, and paste this label to a children’s bucket or a can for coin collection.
  2. Promotional Flyer
  3. Half-page bulletin insert
  4. Promotional video

Nickles for Neighbors funds will be collected at the 2017 Annual Assembly Celebration, October 28  at Conestoga Mennonite Church