2016 Fall Youth Retreat

Logo-Option-001September 16-18, 2016
Refreshing Mountain Camp, Stevens PA

Registration deadline: September 2

Our resource speakers this year will be Ryan and Emily Ralph Servant. They live in the city of Baltimore with their three-legged wonder dog, Chase. Over their combined lifetimes, they have worked as a sports reporter, piano teacher, morning show DJ, basketball referee, software tech, website designer, worship leader, cook, and voice over artist. Currently, Ryan teaches at Loyola

Joint HeadshotUniversity, where he’s finishing his MBA, and volunteers with Safe House of Hope, advocating for survivors of sex trafficking. Emily pastors Indonesian Light Church and is writing her PhD dissertation on mission theology. They both appreciate the outdoors, ice cream, and naps. Ryan is crazy about swing dancing, Emily not so much. But she does love to laugh and Ryan loves to make her laugh. It works.

Emily and Ryan will share with us on the theme of Uniformity: What happens when you throw very different people together in a room? How about in a family? Or a church? It could be chaos … or it could be something else entirely. When we build relationships and celebrate others for who they really are, we discover why our world (and the Church) is so much better, not despite our differences, but because of them.

Weekend Features:

–Worship & Resource times
–Mixer activities.
–Friday evening meeting with youth leaders immediately following the worshiprefreshing-mountain
session…a quick session to provide additional information for youth leaders.
–Saturday afternoon tournaments…volleyball, basketball, etc.
–Zipline & Climbing Wall
–Late night open gym times
–Sunday morning youth leader meeting before brunch. (a tradition we hold dearly)
–Small group time…Saturday morning/evening, Sunday morning after worship.
–Saturday evening Coffee house/talent show will be combined with our
snack time. Please talk to your youth now and encourage them to participate!!!


1) Cover Letter 2016 Final
2) Retreat Schedule (Draft) Final Schedule will be given at registration on Friday night
3) Registration Form ’16 Final Submit to the ACC office with payment by September 2nd
4)Activities Release and Wavier Form 2016 To be handed in at registration on Friday night
5) Youth Medical Release Form_16 To be kept with keep with youth leaders in the event that one of your youth would require medical assistance during the weekend

These two forms, and the background clearance checks that they describe, must be completed by all youth leaders/chaperones attending the ACC Fall Retreat. (Background certification instructions)

6) ACC Youth Events Volunteer Covenant: To be signed by youth leader/chaperones after the necessary clearances have been filed with the church. Should be handed in at registration on Friday night.pool-487x325
7) Congregational Youth Verification Form To be signed by a congregational representative after the necessary clearances for each youth leader attending the Fall Retreat have been filed with the church. Must be submitted to ACC Office well before the retreat.


Our ACC Youth Committee hopes that you will attend.  We thank you for loving youth and giving so freely of your time to encourage them in life.  Pray for this event; that those who attend will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired to commit to/continue the “journey of faith in Jesus.”

Please register by September 2nd! 

For facility information, a view of the camp and directions visit www.refreshingmountain.com