Monthly Archives: July 2010

Centered in Christ | Building Connections | Sharing God’s Love

We invite you to journey with us…

As we center our lives in Jesus Christ, God’s Son,

As we build connections across diverse paths of life experience,

As we share God’s love in meaningful relationships and settings.

As people of God wanting to be known as followers of Jesus Christ, we strive to fulfill God’s command to love God with all of one’s being and love our neighbor at all times. The call to share God’s love means that we are witnesses of God’s love and goodness in our lives both in word and deed. We invite you to walk and run with us as we follow Jesus in our many diverse settings and walks of life.

God is doing a new thing yet God sustains history and principles upon which to venture out with new initiatives. ACC is an association of congregations and conference related ministries following expressions of faith; mission and service; justice and peace, guided by Mennonite Anabaptist convictions. In practice with other Christian traditions, we strive to leave positive impact in our communities which invite others to walk the journey toward God with us.

We warmly welcome you to learn more about us by visiting our congregations, joining us in activities and through information on this website.