Executive Conference Minister 

This individual will support and work together with conference staff, pastors, lay leaders, and other volunteers as we live out our vision to be centered in Christ, to build connections, and to share God’s love in our diverse contexts.

1 FTE – Approximately 40 hours / week (Negotiable)

  • Ministry experience and Anabaptist theological education preferred

  • Salary and benefits are commensurate with the MCUSA Pastor Salary Guidelines

Accountable To

The Executive Committee of Atlantic Coast Conference


  • Attends to the goals and mission of the conference as set by the ACC Executive Committee.

    • Provides and allocates staff time  towards the goals and mission of the conference. 

    • Connects weekly with the Conference Moderator to review the ongoing work of the executive committee

    • Performs other duties as assigned

  • Supervises all Conference Staff

    • Leads a conference staff which consists of ministerial credentialed and non-credentialed staff members

    • Meets regularly with each staff member 

  • Possesses Effective Administrative Skills  

    • Contributes to a well-functioning office environment that supports the ministry and mission of ACC

    • Utilizes  strong communication skills 

    • Demonstrates familiarity with budgets and ministry financial matters

    • Proficient in use of  current and emerging technologies 

  • Serves & Resources ACC Pastors & Congregations

    • Meets regularly with pastors and other credentialed leaders of ACC congregations, creating opportunities for leaders to reflect on personal health, spiritual growth, leadership, and congregational dynamics

    • Engages periodically with congregational leaders, reflecting on congregational health and dynamics

    • Supports congregations during pastoral reviews and search processes

    • Serves as a resource in conflict resolution as needed 

  • Participates as an Active Member of Conference & Committee Meetings

    • Meets regularly with Executive, Ministerial Leadership, Finance, and Gift Discernment Committees

    • Participates in annual delegate meetings (non-voting capacity) 

    •  Serves on other committee assignments as designated by the Executive Committee

  • Involved in Gatherings of the Wider Church

    • Represents ACC at MCUSA gatherings such as national assemblies, annual conference minister gatherings, and Constituency Leaders Council meetings

    • Attends local and church-wide boards as negotiated with the Executive Committee

  • Engages in Personal Enrichment & Continuing Education

    • Spends time in self-directed study through books, curriculum, video, webinars, seminars, etc. 

    • Consistent use of a spiritual director and engagement in other spiritual disciplines is encouraged

    • Membership & regular involvement in a local ACC congregation.

Individuals from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. Send inquiries and resumes to searchcommittee@atlanticcoastconference.net.

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