Anti-racism Resources

Resources for undoing racism in our churches
A series of resource booklets developed by ACC’s Anti-racism Task Group to help congregations along the journey. To request a hard copy, email

Read Part 1 (download PDF)

Read Part 2 (download PDF)

MC USA web links:
Anti-Racism Resources for Mennonite Churches
Anti-Racism Resources for White Allies
Anti-Racism Basics
Anti-racism Resources for BIPOC
Race, Church and Change Webinar and Resource List
Anti-racism Glossary

IDI Continuum and webpage

Landisville process graphic
Landisville Mennonite Church lead a series of classes and discussions on anti-racism. This graphic illustrates the structure of their process.

Webinar – Anti-racism in the Church (recording 10.24.2020)
This webinar hosted by ACC’s Anti-racism Task GroupĀ  provided conversation and resources to help congregations begin the journey toward becoming anti-racist.