2020 Fall Assembly

To continue doing our part to limit the spread of COVID-19, ACC’s Fall Assembly will be held as a primarily virtual event, similar to the way our Spring Assembly was held. If practical, some elements of the weekend may be available to a small number of delegates in-person at Blossom Hill Mennonite Church, Lancaster.

Over the weekend of October 23-25, a prerecorded delegate session video will be made available to all delegates along with an electronic form to record votes and other necessary responses. This video will include updates on conference life, an overview of ACC’s current financial situation, and a presentation on any action-items needing affirmation from delegates. All action-items will be communicated with delegates by September 21.

The morning of October 24 will feature a webinar with various leaders from around ACC on ways that the conference and its congregations are taking meaningful steps to end racism on an individual as well as organizational level. Panelists will share ways that the dominant white culture can take steps to wrestle with and own white privlege and participation in inequality. Participants should register and submit questions for the panel by emailing office@atlanticcoastconference.net.

New delegate names and contact info should be shared with the ACC office.

To register for the Saturday morning webinar, click HERE.

We hope you can join us for this weekend of sharing and learning!


Delegate documents and items for delegate action:

September 2020 Year-to-date Finance Reports (not yet available)
Spring 2020 Assembly Minutes
2020 Leadership Vote: The Gifts Discernment Committee will bring nominees fill the following roles:

  • Missions Committee Chair
  • Finance & Stewardship Committee Chair
  • Gifts Discernment Committee members (two)
  • Women’s Committee Chair

Do you have a question about who is a delegate? Visit atlanticcoastconference.net/composition.

See past reports to delegates at the Past Assemblies section of ACC’s webpage