2020 Spring Assembly

Thanks to  all  delegates  who  responded  to  the  electronic  voting  form  over  the  past   weekend. We  received 71  responses. In response to proposed action items, delegates:

  • Unanimously  received  the 2019  Fall  Assembly  Minutes
  • Unanimously received the March 31 year-to-date finacne report
  • Unanimously approved the 2020-2021 budget
  • Unanimously approved the bylaw amendment to extend indeminification to the ministerial investigative team
  • Shared a total of 64 nominations for open 2020 leadership positions

Thanks also to those who joined us on the Saturday morning conference call. It was good to be together and connect, if only in a small way. We appreciate your interest in conference life and in being the body together!

If you didn’t have a chance over the regular Assembly weekend, you can view the video update from conference leaders below:

Delegate documents and items for delegate action:

March 2020 Year-to-date reports

Statement of Income & Expense, March 31
Statement of Financial Position, March 31

2020-2021 Conference Budget (proposed)

Executive Committee recommends the adoption of the 2020-2021 budget as presented by the Finance & Stewardship Committee. Due to present financial uncertainties they ask ACC delegates to give Executive and Finance Committees the authority to adjust 2020-21 budget and expenses lower if needed, with delegates revisiting for a budget update, Fall 2020. View proposed budget here.

2019 Fall Assembly Minutes

From October 26, 2019 at Forest Hills Mennonite Church. View the Fall Assembly Minutes here.

Bylaw Amendment for Spring 2020 Action

For the sake of simplicity, only one amendment is being brought for action at this time. View the amendment here.
Current bylaws can be viewed here.
Additional amendments to be presented Fall 2020 can be viewed here.

2020 Leadership Nominations

The Gifts Discernment Committee will be looking for individuals to fill the following roles so begin considering who you might nominate:

  • Missions Committee Chair
  • Finance & Stewardship Committee Chair
  • Gifts Discernment Committee members (two)
  • Women’s Committee Chair

Do you have a question about who is a delegate? Visit atlanticcoastconference.net/composition.

See past reports to delegates at the Past Assemblies section of ACC’s webpage