Past Assemblies

ACC 2020 Spring Assembly Reports + Video

Spring Assembly Video
Statement of Income & Expense, March 31
Statement of Financial Position, March 31
Proposed budget 2020-2021
Fall 2019 Assembly Minutes here.
Bylaw amendment 
Former bylaws can be viewed here.
Additional amendments to be presented Fall 2020 can be viewed here.

ACC 2019 Fall Assembly Reports

Minutes – Spring Assembly 2019
July 31 Year End Statement of Income & Expense
July 31 Year End Balance Sheet
2019 Leadership Slate Bios

ACC 2018 Spring Assembly Reports

Minutes from Annual Assembly 2018 Conestoga MC, October 28
March 31 YTD Statement of Income & Expense
Delegate Budget 2018-19
Leadership Slate Bio
Request to terminate membership – Pocomoke River Church
Request to terminate membership – Iglesia Evangelica Menonita Eben-Ezer (ENG)

ACC 2017 Annual Assembly Reports

Annual Assembly Agenda
New Minister Introductions Fall 2017
Audio from Church Relevance reflection
, Bob Petersheim, Merv Stoltzfus, Nancy Kauffmann, Oct 28, 2017
Spring Assembly 2017 Minutes from Bethel MC, April 22
June 31 Year End Statement of Income & Expense
June 31 Year End Balance Sheet

ACC 2017 Spring Assembly Reports

Spring Assembly Agenda
Annual Assembly 2016 Minutes from Ridgeview MC, October 22
Proposed Budget 2017-2018
March 31 YTD Statement of Income & Expense
March 31 YTD Balance Sheet
New Minister Introductions Spring 2017

ACC 2016 Annual Assembly Reports

Spring Assembly 2016 Minutes from Frazer MC, April 16
Statement of Financial Position, June 30, 2016
Statement of Income & Expense, June 30, 2016
Leadership Slate Bios Committee members to be affirmed by delegates
New Minister Introductions Ministers new to ACC since October 2015
2015-2016 Annual Report

ACC 2016 Spring Assembly Reports

Audio from presentation of Rev. Alex Awad, April 16, 2016:

Kairos Palestine Document – 2009         Español
Resolution – A statement of support for our Palestinian and Israeli partners in peacemaking
FAQs Related to the Proposed Resolution on Israel-Palestine and the FAQ Part II
Kairos Four-Week Congregational Study Guide

2016 Spring ACC Moderators Welcome (Word)
2015 ACC Annual Assembly Celebration Minutes (Word)
Statement of Financial Position, March 31, 2016 (PDF)
March 2015-16 P&L, July 1, 2015 – March 31, 2016 (PDF)
2017 Delegate Budget Proposal (PDF)
2016 Leadership Solicitation (Word)
CLC Report from (website)
Speaker Introduction – Rev. Alex Awad (PDF)

ACC 2015 Fall Assembly Reports

Moderator’s Welcome2015 Spring Assembly Minutes (Word)
Welcome Details (Word)
Statement of Financial Position, June 30, 2015 (PDF)
Statement of Income & Expense, July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 (PDF)
2015 Spring Assembly Minutes (PDF
2015 ACC Leadership Slate Bios (Word)
2014-2015 Annual Report(PDF)
ACC – Who We Are (PDF)

ACC 2015 Spring Assembly Reports

Agenda for Spring Assembly
Moderator’s Welcome
ACC – Fall Assembly Minutes 10.25.14
Executive Committee Summary Report, July – March 2015
Gifts Discernment Committee 2015 Leadership Solicitation
Proposed 2015-2016 Budget
March 2015 Statement of Income and Expense
March 2015 Statement of Financial Position
CLC Report April 2015


ACC 2014 Fall Assembly Reports

Welcome Letter for ACC 2014 Fall Session
Delegate Agenda
2014 ACC Income and Expense
 2014 Year-end Financial Summary
Fund Activity for 2014
ACC – Spring Assembly Minutes 2014
A Recommendation on Frazer Mennonite Church
ACC – New Minister Introduction
CLC – Summary Highlights Oct 2014
2013-2014 Annual Report

ACC 2014 Spring Assembly Reports

ACC 2014 Spring Assembly Celebration Agenda
Moderator Letter
2012-2014 goals summary statement of 4 opportunities and risks
2013 Fall Assembly Delegate Meeting Minutes Oct 26
Exec Comm 6 month summary report of EC actions to delegates Apr 2014
Facilitation Team Letter to Delegates
Summary Financial_Report 03-31-2014
2014-2015 ACC Budget Proposal for Delegates

ACC 2013 Fall Assembly Reports

Fall Assembly 2013 Agenda
Executive Committee – Reporting to and from MCUSA Constituency Leaders Council
Facilitation Team Framework
Finance & Stewardship Committee Report
Gifts Discernment Committee – 2013 Leadership Slate
Maple Grove Mennonite Church – Request for Change in Membership Status
Ministerial Leadership Committee – Newly Credentialed Ministers
Peace & Justice Committee Report – Summer Reading Program


ACC 2013 Spring Assembly Celebration Summary

Spring Assembly 2013 summary minutes