Refugee Response

How are we to respond in the face of “the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time”, as millions flee Syria and the Middle East in the wake of years of violence? In text of Matthew 25, Jesus invites us to serve “the least of these” as if we were to serve Jesus himself. But how can we get involved in this catastrophe that seems so distant?


As John Wesley said, God does nothing but in answer to prayer. There is endless power in the
prayers of the Church; lets join in on this. Here are some resources to get you started: A prayer for refugees and displaced persons (MCC).


Because of the prolonged conflict, many within Syria and those who have fled to refugee camps in neighboring countries are in desperate need Boys-in-a-refugee-camp-in-002of food and other vital resources. By giving to MCC’s Syria and Iraq Crisis Relief Fund, you will contribute to the physical well-being of those who have been displaced by the violence. You can also donate to Church World Service (CWS) – Lancaster‘s efforts to show hospitality to those beiphotong resettled in the area as the program seeks to settle increasing numbers of individuals and families from Syria.


In addition to funds, CWS offers numerous opportunities for individuals, small groups, youth groups, and congregations to provide hospitality to those being placed in the Lancaster area. You can help teach English, donate household items or participatecws-logo1 in classes giving introduction to life in the U.S. Your group can serve as a welcome team and adopt a family to provide hospitably as they arrive and transition to their new home. Below are numerous resources as you and your group consider how to get involved:

CWS website:
Facts, Figures, Global Overview, Terms
Welcome Team Overview
Household Item Donation List
Info & Service Ideas
Youth Group Opportunities
CWS Brochure
Volunteer Application