Nickels for Neighbors

ACC congregations are encouraged to collect coins in their Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, or services, primarily as a way to encourage giving among our children. These donations will be collected by ACC’s Annual Assembly on October 24, 2020.

The 2020 ACC Nickels For Neighbors grant will be given to the The City School in Philadephia for an upcoming playground project. The City School,  is a Pre-K to grade 12 Christian school that serves 400 students in the heart of Philadelphia. It was formed 2013 and 14 when three city-area christian schools, including Philadelphia Mennonite High School, merged to form a single school to have a greater impact together.

The Project: the Middle School students love to play Gaga and on rainy days often set up an indoor pit using tables from the cafeteria. They have requested an outdoor pit at the new Poplar campus. This will allow students to form spontaneous Gaga games, get good excercise, and include others in their play.

The City School is requesting $5,000 to install the Gaga pit and to make other upgrades for outdoor recreation at the Poplar campus.

Nickles for Neighbors funds will be collected at the 2020 Annual Assembly Celebration, October 24, 2020.