Resources on Abuse

Ministerial Sexual Misconduct Discipline Policy and Procedures of ACC (ESP)

Recognizing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct
As we work to better recognize and respond appropriately to sexual misconduct, MC USA’s Leadership Development, in partnership with Dove’s Nest, has created a poster designed to empower all members and participants in congregations to recognize and respond to sexual misconduct and abuse.

MCC webinars on addressing sexual violence
These webinars are intended as resources for congregations wanting to learn more about how to address sexualized violence within the congregation and how to encourage healthy sexuality and healthy masculinity among members. The webinars will be led by church leaders and others with expertise in the topics.
–Healthy Sexuality in our Congregations
–Sexualized violence – How should churches respond?
–Healthy masculinity

How to Spot Sexual Abuse in Your Church
Understanding the dynamics of sexual abuse is the first step. by Maureen Farrell Garcia.

Sexual Harassment Tip Sheet for Employers
A brief list of recommendations for consideration, if/when addressing these issues in your workplace, from Wellspan Philhaven.

To request additional resources or inquire about best practices, please contact the conference office,