All seminars are 50-minutes long. After both seminar sessions, we will regather in the sanctuary for a closing song.

1:00 Seminars

Questions & conversation on MC USA delegate business session
Gina Burkhart & Lynn Brubaker
Location: Fellowship Hall
This seminar time will give an opportunity to anyone interested in the upcoming MC USA delegate assembly gathering to ask questions, share observations, and start conversation with other delegates. Jon Carlson, MC USA moderator-elect, will be present to help answer questions and provide clarity.

Faith formation for a New Day
Shana Peachey Boshart
Location: Sanctuary
The pandemic has disrupted, changed and reshaped the way we minister to children and youth in the congregation. Join Shana Peachey Boshart, Denominational Minister for Faith Formation, for a conversation about what faith formation leaders have learned through this time of trial and error. What new practices hold promise for the future? How are we discerning the way forward? There is help and hope for faith formation leaders!

Hymn Sing in the Gym
Todd & Anne Kaufman Weaver
Location: Gym
Grab a copy of Voices Together and join a time of singing led by Todd and Anne Kaufman Weaver. Participants should bring a copy of Voices Together from the Sanctuary along with any requests.

2:00 Seminars

Recruiting volunteers at church
Sheri Ober & Becky Hess of EMM
Location: Sanctuary
Filling your congregations’ volunteer roles isn’t getting any easier. Sheri Ober and Becky Hess, recruiter and HR director, respectively, with Eastern Mennonite Missions, will share some pointers and give space for conversation about what is, and isn’t, working in a church setting.

Greening your Church
Katie Ruth of the Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake
Location: Fellowship Hall
Learn how your congregation can be involved in caring for God’s creation! Be inspired by the examples of two local congregations and hear how their faith has inspired their commitment to take action. Landisville Mennonite converted 3.65 acres of farmland into a forest and meadow in November 2021, with over 100 volunteers present and support from organizations including Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC), Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, and Mennonite Men. Akron Mennonite is in the final preparation stages for a large project that will convert a 4-acre field into a nature preserve, consisting of native trees and grasses along with walking paths and stormwater runoff capture. Each congregation will give a brief presentation along with an education session with IPC Lancaster Outreach Coordinator, Katie Ruth. These presentations will be followed by a time for Q&A.

How ACC Relationships Works
Joanne Dietzel & co.
Location: TBD
In ACC’s collaborative structure, where do power and authority lie? What are the strengths and weaknesses of ACC’s collaborative structure? How do we respect and value one another? Learn about the recent work ACC Executive Committee did to develop a visual diagram of the flow of the MC USA, ACC congregations, executive committee and staff.