2021 Fall Youth Retreat

September 10-12
Refreshing Mountain, Stevens, PA

ACC youth groups are invited to the 2021 Fall Youth Retreat at Refreshing Mountain. The weekend will include daily worship and resoure times, elevated obstacle course, nighttime climbing wall and zipline, and talent show.

Resource theme
Each of us is on a journey toward “becoming me”. We have our own evolving set of gifts, passions and experiences that form our experience and prepare us for our unique ways of serving God.

Over our retreat weekend, we’ll hear the stories of four leaders from ACC congregations about their processes of becoming who they are or are on their way to being. They’ll share what brought them to their current understanding of what their identity and purpose is and where they saw God in that process.

Leaders will affirm the process of developing our identities and will acknowledge the pressures we face through the process of understanding our personal, vocational, faith, and relational identities. The ACC Youth Committee is excited to share these stories and will be sharing info about our speakers as it is available.

Registration forms should be submitted to the ACC office with payment by August 27th. 

Info docs

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Advisor Expectations
  3. Schedule (FINAL)
  4. What-to-Bring
  5. August update email

Forms to complete

  1. Registration Form: submit to the ACC office with payment by August 27th
  2. Liability Release Form: Camp requires this form to use the facilities. Should be handed in for each youth at registration on Friday night.
  3. Youth Medical Release Form: To be kept with youth leaders in the event that one of your youth would require medical assistance during the weekend. This is a template for you to use.
  4. Congregational Youth Verification Form: must be signed by youth leader/chaperones after the necessary clearances have been filed with the church. Should be handed in by registration on Friday night. Please fill this out completely!
  5. ACC Youth Events Volunteer Covenant : To be signed by a congregational representative after the necessary clearances for each youth leader attending the Fall Retreat have been filed with the church. Must be submitted to ACC Office prior to the retreat.

COVID Safety Plan

Since Lancaster and surrounding counties are seeing a spike of positive COVID cases, the Youth Committee has decided to take a few preventative measures to make our weekend together as safe and stress-free for all as possible.

  • Vaccines & masks: We recommend vaccination for all attending. Masks will be required indoors for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Staying outside: We have cancelled our open gym times and plan to hold our worship sessions outside in our reserved pavilion (bring your camp chairs!). If weather requires that we move these sessions indoors, masks will be required.
  • Dining: We will encourage everyone to wear masks inside the dining hall and to eat outside on the deck.
  • Lodging: We have reserved all of Refreshing Mountain’s campsites as well as two hotel-style lodges to lower the capacity of our four bunk houses. Those staying in bunk houses will be asked to sleep “head to toe” and to keep empty beds between one another. If your youth group is interested in either of these options, please let Brook know ASAP.
  • AirScrubbers: Refreshing Mountain has installed Air Scrubbers Plus, a UV HVAC sanitation system in all bunk houses, the dining hall, and the indoor meeting space (backup). These help remove any virus particles from the air more efficiently than normal HVAC systems.
  • We will be monitoring safety updates from the CDC, Pennyslvania Department of Health, and actions of local school districts and may make updates to this plan based on any new recommendations.

Thanks for understanding and for helping us care for and respect one another.

For facility information, a view of the camp and directions visit www.refreshingmountain.com