2019 Fall Youth Retreat

Registration deadline: Friday, August 23

For the last four years, our national discourse has been centered around the idea of building walls. We have looked to walls to make us feel safe, and to protect our identity from those we deem the “outsider.”  On a personal level we too have constructed walls that identify people as part of the in or out group. We have built up walls out of our own selfishness or indifference so that we can disengage from the pain and struggle of others in schools, home towns and faith communities. For three days, we will explore ways that we can open doors to the walls we have constructed by exploring bias, and reclaiming the Gospel call to love the stranger in our midst.

Our resource speaker this year will be Heather Gordon, director of Denver DOOR, and two youth assistants, Natali Martinez and Nicholas Gordon.

Heather Gordon is a campus minister and theology teacher at St. Mary’s Academy in Denver.  She is passionate about harnessing the potential of young people to bring about social change.  Through her work with DOOR Denver, Heather tries to be a conduit between the participants and many amazing people and agencies who are laboring in the vineyard for peace and justice.

Heather was born and raised in New England, and through schooling, a year of service, and family has lived in Shreveport, Baltimore, Saint Louis, Chicago, and now Denver. Having spent her adolescence in rural America and adult years in urban settings, Heather feels that she can be a bridge between the two worlds.  Heather has an MA in Systematic Theology from The Aquinas Institute of Theology.  She has spent the past 20 years working with young people through youth ministry and education.  For the past 12 years, her focus has been on service learning and developing young leaders.

Heather lives in Aurora with her husband and three children.  She loves that Denver is the perfect combination of rural and urban America – the complexities and beauty of urban life with the mountains in the horizon a quick escape to God’s creation.

Natali Martinez has grown up in Denver, CO’s Whittier community and is a member of the 2020 class of Manual High School. Natali has been a Discerner with DOOR Denver for two summers, and is passionate about medicine, service and learning about racial identity.  In addition to DOOR, Natali participates in Manual’s one-year internship medical program, FACES. Natali also participates in student leadership, volleyball, and Project Voyce a program which helps youth talk about issues that need to be addressed.  She is excited to be with you for this youth retreat.

Nicholas Gordon grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and now lives in Aurora, CO.  He is member of the 2023 class of Eagle Crest High School where he is a member of AVID and a STEM student. This is his second year as a Discerner and loves volunteering with Metro Caring a food access center. His free time is spent swimming and gaming.

The ACC Youth Committee is excited that Heather, Natali, and Nicholas are available to share with us, and believe this retreat will be a wonderful time for youth and leaders.

Cost:  $115 per person – youth and leaders.

Weekend Features:

  • Daily Worship & Resource times
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Friday evening meeting with youth leaders immediately following campfire
  • Elevated obstacle course
  • Zipline, Climbing Wall at night
  • Late night open gym times
  • Small group time
  • Saturday evening Coffee house and trivia competition


1) Cover Letter 2019
2) Retreat Schedule (draft) Final Schedule will be given at registration on Friday night
3) Registration Form 19′ Submit to the ACC office with payment by August 23rd
4) Activities Release and Wavier Form 2019 To be handed in at registration on Friday night
5) Youth Medical Release Form To be kept with keep with youth leaders in the event that one of your youth would require medical assistance during the weekend
6) Advisor Expectations 2019 A set of expectations the ACC Youth Committee has for Advisers
7) What to Bring to an ACC Youth Retreat

These two forms, and the background clearance checks that they describe, must be completed by all youth leaders/chaperones attending the ACC Fall Retreat. (Background certification instructions)

7) ACC Youth Events Volunteer Covenant: To be signed by youth leader/chaperones after the necessary clearances have been filed with the church. Should be handed in at registration on Friday night.
8) Congregational Youth Verification Form To be signed by a congregational representative after the necessary clearances for each youth leader attending the Fall Retreat have been filed with the church. Must be submitted to ACC Office well before the retreat.

Our ACC Youth Committee hopes that you will attend.  We thank you for loving youth and giving so freely of your time to encourage them in life.  Pray for this event; that those who attend will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired to commit to/continue the “journey of faith in Jesus.”

Please register by August 23rd! 

For facility information, a view of the camp and directions visit www.refreshingmountain.com