ACC youth groups are invited to the 2022 Fall Youth Retreat at Refreshing Mountain. The weekend will include daily worship and resoure times, elevated obstacle course, nighttime ultimate frisbee and trivia.

Our resource team this year includes Seth Crissman and Greg Yoder of the Walking Roots Band and the Soil and the Seed Project. Seth will be sharing on Matthew 13:1-34’s parables (Sower/Soil/Weeds/Mustard Seed/Yeast). These have a lot to say about God’s ordering of things and how we navigate life/community as followers of Jesus.  Each session will explore and unpack one of these four parables in hopes of connecting our belief and heart stirrings with how we live and move in the world around us.

Seth Thomas Crissman is an educator, musician, and Mennonite pastor who has lived in Harrisonburg, VA for 16 years. Seth is a follower of Jesus who has spent the last 10 years helping churches work together to better give and receive God’s Love in their neighborhoods and local communities. His educational and vocational experience lies in the areas of community building, biblical interpretation, music and special education. His current project is called The Soil and The Seed Project and works at creating new resources and rhythms for faith through music, art and “Little Liturgies.” Seth is also a songwriter/musician for the Harrisonburg, Virginia-based folk group, The Walking Roots Band. Seth is married to Theresa Peachey Crissman, and they often write and adventure together. Together, they have four small children, ages 1-7.

Greg Yoder. “I grew up with lots of music in my home, and have been a student of music since age 5, but I fell in love with music in high school choir when I experienced firsthand the power of music to create and shape a community, and I discovered that it is through music that I have my most palpable sensations of God’s love for us. I love singing with my wife Kristina and our three kids, and I continue to be blessed by the music and friendship of our community in the Walking Roots Band.”

Retreat details

Cost per person (youth and leaders): $125


  1. Registration Form: submit to the ACC office with payment by August 23rd
  2. Activities Release & Waiver Form: Camp requires this form to use the facilities. Should be handed in for each youth at registration on Friday night.
  3. Medical Release Form: To be kept with youth leaders in the event that one of your youth would require medical assistance during the weekend. This is a template for you to use.
  4. Congregational Youth Event Verification form: must be signed by youth leader/chaperones after the necessary clearances have been filed with the church. Should be handed in by registration on Friday night. Please fill this out completely!
  5. Youth Events Volunteer Covenant: To be signed by a congregational representative after the necessary clearances for each youth leader attending the Fall Retreat have been filed with the church. Must be submitted to ACC Office prior to the retreat.

Other information

  1. Cover Letter 2022
  2. Retreat schedule (draft)
  3. What-to-Bring-to-RMC
  4. Advisor expectations
  5. RMC map

For facility information, a view of the camp and directions visit