Youth Group Ideas


Youth Ministry Resources for Sunday School or Bible Study Times

On the MC USA website there is now a list of 117 Bible/Spiritual studies for youth ministry.  It can be found under the “Youth Leaders” section of (“Resources”, which is a tab at the top left of the home page for MC USA)   The direct link is

What Activities have been meaningful / successful for your youth group in the past?

  • Thirty hour famine
  • Leading worship service at church
  • Prayer groups within the group
  • Panel discussion
  • Retreats just among ourselves: Planning retreat, fun weekend retreat (cabin)
  • Service trips: kids liked the service ½ day @ convention ’13 more than the waterpark
  • Mystery meals
  • Weekly (Wed. or Fri.) group activities that were only attended by a fraction of kids, but they say it’s been a good addition
  • High/Sr. High Fall Party
  • z2012PigRoast RS 038Cookout/outdoor games
  • Monthly pizza/wings night
  • Winter ski retreat
  • 30 hour famine/lock-in
  • Preparing thanksgiving food boxes
  • Holiday Parties
  • Hiking/Bonfire
  • Mini-Golf
  • Game nights
  • Ethnic food night
  • Visiting churches of different denominations
  • Visiting the homes of congregation members and hearing their “stories”
  • Uniting youth rally with area churches
  • Disc golf at French Creek

 What missions trips or other trips has your youth group been a part of that you would recommend to other groups?

  • MCC’s Mennonite Resource Center-help check school / health kits, recycle paper, etc.
  • Crop Walk
  • To reading in conjunction with Hope of Nations (to highlight value of doing missions locally)Campus Ministries
  • Trip to Miami with MMN
  • Center for student missions, Chicago/Washington DC: very intense, best if more older HS kids focus on experiencing homelessness and urban need
  • Mission discovery- Mexico
  • Convention
  • SWAP (Serving With Appalachian People, MCC)
  • Service at Laurelville, Deerpark Camps
  • DOOR – Chicago
  • Youth MDS

What fundraisers have been successful for your youth group in the past?

  • Youth sponsored meal (Amish Turkey Roast, Spaghetti, Ham Loaf, Valentines Meal for adults, bread bowl/soup, potato bar, pig roast, outdoor church picnic)
  • Carwash / bake sale
  • Selling baked goods during church coffee time is a low energy way to raise funds
  • Food stand at art show or public auctionbake-sale-3
  • Yard sale or auction, where church donates things and bids, with proceeds going to youth group. Variation: youth are bid on and hired out for work
  • Annual sale: wreaths, soup, baked goods…
  • Trash pick-up at Intercourse Heritage Days
  • Coffee House