2024 Assembly

March 15-16, 2024

Ridgeview Mennonite Church
3723 Ridge Road, Gordonville, PA

You’re invited to ACC’s 2024 Assembly at Ridgeview Mennonite Church on March 15-16. Assembly is a time to gather, reconnect, worship, and learn together. We’ll celebrate our shared ministry and faith. Assembly sessions, including delegate times, are an opportunity to talk together about what the church is and about its future.

Assembly’s theme of “Living the Change” will explore how we deal with change in society and the church. How do we wrestle with old expectations and new realities? Many Christians are hungry for a place to live out vibrant, Jesus-centered life with others. How does the church nurture that today in a way that connects with all ages, races, and backgrounds? In what ways does “doing church” require a pivot to encounter Jesus and accomplish God’s purposes? 

We invite both delegates and non-delegates to join us for the weekend’s events. These sessions may be especially worthwhile for church leaders, elders, and young people who are interested in helping to shape the future of our church.

night virtual

Friday, March 15, 7 – 8:30pm

Our Friday night session will feature keynote speaker Meghan Larissa Good, lead pastor of Trinity Mennonite Church in Phoenix. She is an author, theologian, and frequent speaker around contemporary church topics.

Meghan will share about the opportunity of this moment in the life of the church. A Jesus-centered Anabaptist community is uniquely situated to meet the needs of those seeking connection and purpose but meeting this challenge may sometimes require real commitment and change.

Everyone who registers will have access to the virtual gathering. But we encourage groups to gather in homes to listen to and process Meghan’s words together.

You may form your own gathering or sign up to be matched with a gathering in your area. See the details about how to host.

Saturday, March 16, 9am – 12:30pm

is for kids

Saturday, March 16, 9am – 12:30pm

New to ACC’s Assembly is a program for kids ages K-5! Just like the adult program, the kids program will run from 9am to 12:30pm and feature games, crafts, songs and snacks led by Roots Anabaptist Kids. We’ll also have a Makers Space project led by Lancaster Mennonite School where kids will complete a project using their creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Childcare will also be provided for kids younger than Kindergarten age. Children should be registered along with their parent/guardian.

Delegate Documents

Assembly schedule (draft)


We welcome both delegates and non-delegates to all parts of the upcoming Assembly weekend. However, only delegates will vote during Saturday’s delegate session.

Delegates, together called ACC’s Delegate Council, is the primary decision-making body of the conference with final responsibility and authority. Delegates are expected to speak for their congregation to the Delegate Council and interpret conference work and program back to their congregations.

ACC’s bylaws designate delegates as:

  • Those delegates selected annually by ACC member congregations with a maximum of two  delegates for the first 100 members and one delegate for each additional 100 members or fraction thereof. Each congregation is permitted one youth delegate, in addition to the prior listed delegates. Delegates will be members in good standing of affiliated congregations.
  • Ordained and licensed ministers with active service assignments recognized by the ACC.
  • Members of ACC standing committees and their chairpersons.
  • Executive Committee members of the ACC.
  • Representatives of the Conference Related Ministry Council (CRMC) as appointed by the Executive Committee.
  • All staff persons, including Conference Ministers, will participate with the Delegate Council as non-voting members.

Assembly Registration