Joanne Dietzel

Executive Conference Minister

Joanne lives outside of Strasburg with her husband Dan.  They have a son, Andrew, married to Julie, and a daughter, Angela.  They also have two granddaughters, Adelyn and Brenna.  Her responsibilities include supporting, encouraging and resourcing pastors, resourcing congregational leadership groups, and connecting with pastoral clusters.  Joanne desires that pastors and lay leaders not only do their best in carrying out ministry responsibilities, but that they do so with joy and a passion for Christ’s church.  She is energized by learning to know people and hearing their stories, as well as encouraging people in their life journey.  In her spare time, Joanne enjoys planning for and leading worship, playing piano, reading, greenhouse “hopping”, gardening, shopping and being grandma to her granddaughters.

Mick Sommers

Associate Conference Minister

Mick is a 30+ year pastor in the Mennonite church having offered leadership to four congregations, the most recent being an 18-month interim with North Baltimore Mennonite. These church locations have ranged from very rural to suburban to small city to metropolitan area. His roles have included co-pastoring, solo pastor, and lead pastor among a team. Mick has worked in a chaplaincy role for both a hospice group and in a retirement community. He is a farm kid from central Indiana who married Julie (Zehr) after meeting in college at Hesston and graduating from EMC. Mick has an MDiv in pastoral counseling from AMBS. He and Julie have two adult children Steffen (Kate) and Simone (Michael) and four grandchildren ages two to six. They have served with MCC in Cairo, Egypt back in the ‘90s and travel is a passion. Mick plays golf, sings, and enjoys technology and reading.

Ruth Yoder Wenger

Associate Conference Minister for New York

Ruth Yoder Wenger has called New York City home for almost 50 years. She and her late husband David moved there for graduate school in 1971, and stayed because they loved the city and found family among Mennonites there, first at Seventh Avenue Mennonite Church in Harlem, and then at North Bronx Mennonite Church, which they helped start as lay leaders in 1986. Ruth has been serving as pastor since she was called by the congregation in 1995. Her greatest joys in life are observing, and sometimes contributing to, growth in individuals and groups, whether as a pastor, a family member, a friend, a spiritual director or a trainer.  She takes seriously (sometimes with joy and sometimes with trepidation) God’s promise recorded in Isaiah 43:18-19.

Njoki Njoroge

Finance Secretary

Njoki and her husband Peter are originally from Kenya. They now reside in Ephrata, Pennsylvania with their two young boys. Njoki enjoys being part of the ACC family where she serves as the Finance Secretary, a role that has deepened her knowledge and understanding of how God uses His people to minister to others in different capacities.   Her favorite season is summer so she can go to the beach and tend to her flowers, but she is finding a lot of fun things that boys are into also.

Brook Musselman

Conference Coordinator & Youth Minister

Brook lives in Mountville with his wife Laura, son Silas, and daughter Annalie. He is a 2012 graduate of Eastern Mennonite Univeristy where he studied Peacebuilding and Development, Business Administration and History. Brook completed a six-month term with EMM as a YES team leader in Kenya, helped coordinate the Mennonite World Conference Global Youth Summit in 2015, and leads the Step Up program for MC USA conventions. Brook enjoys the fulfilling work of facilitating ministry with ACC, in addition to biking, backpacking, and warm apple cider.