Atlantic Coast Conference is an area conference of Mennonite Church USA. We are made up of 29 diverse congregations affiliating to create our conference family. While more than half of ACC’s congregations are located in southeastern Pennyslania, our geographical representation is diverse, stretching from Boston to Baltimore.

ACC was formed by the joining of churches from an Amish-Mennonite background known as the Conestoga-Maple Grove District of the Ohio and Eastern Conference of the Mennonite Church with several churches formed by people moving through the area with Mennonite Central Committee.

This union has, since its beginning, been based on unity on the essentials of our Christian faith. We also witnesssed diversity in many other areas as a result of our varied backgrounds: Amish-Mennonite, Mennonite, General Conference Mennonite, Catholic, Baptist, and others. We continue to celebrate the different ways that our congregations do ministry in their own contexts while contributing to shared vision and faith as part of Atlantic Coast Conference.