Value of ACC Membership

For member churches Atlantic Coast Conference provides a point of connection to other congregations and national, regional, and local ministries. It serves as an accessible resource to equip and enhance the ministry of our individual member churches.

Part of ACC’s mission is to “build connections across diverse paths of experience” and so the conference seeks to provide numerous opportunities for congregations and individuals to build relationships and collaborate in ministry together through:

  • Regular meetings with local “clusters” to share, support, and pray with one other about praises and struggles. A few other minister clusters such as youth pastors, chaplains and retired ministers meet for resource and encouragement of each other. Yet another “distance” cluster meets regularly via online video chat.
  • The sharing of congregational resources and support for one another.
  • Events like the recent pairing of numerous church groups to share a meal, scripture, and fellowship together.
  • Mission initiatives such as Nickels for Neighbors provide a means whereby churches support each other in outreach projects.
  • Collaboration on ministry through several committees such as the Youth, Peace & Justice, Mission, and Gifts Discernment Committees.

ACC also provides numerous resources to equip congregations and individuals in their ministries:

  • Each year funds are available to assist pastors in the form of scholarship grants for ongoing education.
  • New pastors are paired with mentors from the conference for support as they transition into ministry.
  • Each credentialed leader is provided free access to Philhaven’s Pastor Wellness Program, which allows up to three free counseling sessions per minister household annually in addition to budget help, healthy living training, and numerous other resources.
  • Conference ministers provide many hours of support and guidance for pastors and member congregations during times of personnel transition or internal struggle.
  • Conference staff provides conference-wide youth events like the annual retreat in addition to resourcing and encouragement to congregational youth leaders as they mentor our children and young adults.
  • ACC provides a link to Mennonite Church USA denominational resources such as new curriculum, the Ministerial Leadership Inquiry database, and guidance on numerous congregational issues.

The Executive Committee and conference staff want to thank each congregation and all those individuals who support the ongoing ministry of Atlantic Coast Conference. Your contribution dollars are essential to maintain fresh and relevant ways of connecting and resourcing the ministry of our member churches as we continue to “share God’s love in meaningful relationships and settings”.