Nickels for Neighbors

ACC congregations are encouraged to collect coins in their Sunday School classes, Bible Studies, or services, primarily as a way to encourage giving among our children. These donations will be collected by ACC’s Missions Committee in October 2023.

The 2023 ACC Nickels For Neighbors grant will be given to Roots, a four-week spiritual formation program for children ages six to fifth grade that meets each winter at James Street Mennontie church for four consecutive Sunday evenings.

The focus is on introducing kids to a loving and trustworthy God in a faith community, as well as building relationships across congregations and conferences. Each week, a group of approximately 50 kids get together to play games, eat snacks, sing, and learn together about a loving God. Roots exists to give kids a sense of belonging inside a church setting. Several Lancaster churches have expressed interest in doing a similar program for kids in their area, and it is our hope to streamline this program in order to make it easier for more congregations to replicate.

Roots held its first program in February 2022 with students and volunteers from nine different congregations. The program continues to focus on providing elementary students with curriculum centered in an Anabaptist understanding of faith and Jesus’ life teachings.

Our goal is to raise $3,000 to be collected in October 2023. This size grant will allow them to cover program expenses for 2024, including the develpment of a curriculum that could be used by others to multiply this opportunity in other churches/regions. It would also allow program leaders to develop a simple website that would streamline communication, registration, and volunteer invitations, and would provide a way for them to make these resources available to
other churches/groups.

A check for funds raised should be made out to ACC (memo: N4N) and mailed to ACC, 100 Quarry Road, Leola, PA 17540. Congregations can also arrange for coins to be picked up by emailing All funds should be received by October 20 so a final grant can be presented in November.

A can label for coin collection can be downloaded and printed from HERE.
A slideshow graphic for Sunday morning services can be downloaded HERE.

Apply for the grant

Apply to be considered for the 2024 Nickels for Neighbors grant by submitting an application to the ACC Missions Committee.