ACC Adds Juneteenth Staff Holiday

At its monthly meeting in July, ACC’s Executive Committee approved adding Juneteenth to the list of ACC’s approved staff holidays. This follows a similar move by the US government in…
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Joanne Dietzel Health Updates

November 30 Today marks 77 days since my stem cell transplant in September.  It is hard for to believe that tomorrow will be December 1 and we are preparing for…
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Merv Stoltzfus Reflects on 30+ Years of Ministry and Leadership with ACC

Merv Stoltzfus has been in leadership in Atlantic Coast Conference for more than 30 years. In those three-plus decades, our whole society has experienced convulsive change, including the church. How did Merv not lose his way? How did he not get pulled off-base in the middle of many tensions? How did he sort out which were his personal references—and what was appropriate for the church, for the people?